My favorite things. Around the Jazz in 80 Writers.

My favorite things. Around the Jazz in 80 Writers
Alter Ego Publishing
, 2013
Cover designed by Pierre Alechinsky

They are 80 writers, novelists, poets, detective story tellers, essayists, philosophers, men and women of all generations and genres. Each one of them has chosen a Jazz album which impressed them and wrote freely about it. Like a big band, this collective and previously unpublished book, singular and plural at the same time, gathers 80 authors who had full liberty to express their love for Jazz.

With Michel Butor, Martin Winkler, Gérard Mordillat, Vincent Duteurtre, Bernard Chambaz, Zeno Bianu, Yves Buin, Georges Didi-Huberman, Gérard Genette, Sylvie Kandé, Michel Le Bris, Luc Lang, Francis Marmande, Jean-Luc Nancy, Nimrod, Martin page, Alain Pailler, Jacques Réda…

In this collection, Sébastien Ortiz wrote a text on the album « Jasmine » by Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden.

Abstract of the foreword :

« From the fact that he is a master in handling the language, one often infers that the writer would have something to say – something to write – on any thing. Baudelaire does not assign to their ease with the word the capacity of poets to produce interesting views on the various objects of the world, but to their imagination, the « Queen of all faculties » which, « thanks to its suppletive nature » makes it possible for an Alexandre Dumas , who is not familiar with the subject and is unexpected onto this ground, to pay the most spiritual, the most relevant tribute to Delacroix. Virtuosity with words ? Imagination ? Be that as it may Jazz has aroused the attention of writers from the very moment it was born. » (Yannick Seité)