Lettres à Miles (Letters to Miles)

Lettres à Miles
(Letters to Miles)
Alter Ego éditions, 2016

Miles Davis passed away 25 years ago, on September 21th, 1991. He has crossed the multiple worlds of music, the hot land of jazz. He has created, he has dreamt, he has loved. Jazz lovers only call him, in a friendly manner, by his first name : Miles. He has become a legend, the only real star in the realm of jazz. From be-bop to hip-hop, from cool jazz to modal jazz and jazz-rock, the American trumpet player has embraced and daringly reorientated the various evolutions of a music genre which started in the South of the United States as a folk music and has now become a global musical expression.

Under the coordination of Franck Médioni, journalist et musicologist, 55 authors, musicians, poets, journalists, film makers, actors or graphic artists, men and women of all generations, wrote a letter to Miles Davis. With the participation, among others, of Jackie Berroyer, Zéno Bianu, Yves Buin, René de Ceccatty, Jerome Charyn, Jacques Darras, David Foenkinos, Paolo Fresu, Hubert Haddad, Marc Lambron, Bernard Lubat, Martin Page, René Urtreger…

In this collective work, Sébastien Ortiz wrote an essay entitled : « Letter from an unknown woman ».