Le goût de Bali (The Taste of Bali)

Le goût de Bali
[The Taste of Bali]

Anthology edited and presented by Sébastien Ortiz
Mercure de France, Le Petit Mercure
160 pages, 2005

« When most part of the Indonesian archipelago converted to Islam, Bali has been standing since the 15th century as an absolutely unique society, a successful synthesis between Hinduism and the most brilliant Javanese court arts. Bali, named “the little Java” by the first explorers, is first of all a bosky bower where nature and men inhabiting it dialog permanently with the world of gods and demons, in an eternal alliance between sensual delight and the sacred. But Bali is also a myth, a haunting fantasy. In the 1930’s, the island, with its beliefs, its artistic shows, its magical practices, aroused such a fascination that it never left the map of our imaginary of evasion and return to the origins.
Let us decline this faraway dream in the company of Henri Michaux, Roger Vailland, Vicki Baum, Antonin Artaud, Lorenzo Pestelli, Clara Malraux, Christine Jordis and so many others…»
Sébastien Ortiz