Collection irraisonnée de préfaces à des livres fétiches (Irrational collection of prefaces to fetish books)

Collection irraisonnée de préfaces à des livres fétiches
[Irrational collection of prefaces to fetish books]

Intervalles Publishing
183 pages

With Jakuta Alikavazovic, Philippe Besson Jean-Philippe Blondel, Patrick Boman, Philippe Bonilo, Geneviève Brisac, Arnaud Cathrine, Kéthévane Davrichewy, Roxane Duru, Olivia Elkaim, Dominique Fabre, Philippe Forest, Paul Fournel, Vanessa Gault, Jean-Baptiste Gendarme, Valentine Goby, Patrick Goujon, Elizabeth Guyon Spennato, Theo Hakola, Thierry Hesse, Stéphane Heuet, Stéphanie Hochet, Thierry Illouz, Nathalie Kuperman, Cécile Ladjali, Marie-Hélène Lafon, Jérôme Lambert, Diane Meur, Nicolas Michel, Marc Molk, Dominique Noguez, Sébastien Ortiz, Véronique Ovaldé, Martin Page, Aude Picault, Thomas B. Reverdy, Cécile Reyboz, Laurent Sagalovitsch, Laurence Tardieu, Jacques Tournier, Sylvain Venayre, Emmanuel Venet, Hélèna Villovitch and Carole Zalberg.

« It is while talking together, a few months ago, that the desire came to us of a collective book which would be neither a manifesto, nor the birth certificate of a movement, a group, or any kind of fraternity, but simply a collective expression. Let each of us write about a text which has marked our life as a reader, but also our work as a writer. Let it be done in a spirit of sharing and intimacy, not with the aim of building an “ideal” library or to assert any flattering genealogy, but, sincerely, to pay a tribute to one special book. Let each of us come “accompanied”, as we say in the most simple way. Since this is what happens when we start to know each other better. And since we are writers, we wished that each of us came accompanied by one book. The pleasure to gather and read, to exchange views on our tastes, we got it once more. We discovered many texts, some of them very rare, often unrecognized, always loved by friends who gave us the desire to read them, through this collection of short and remarkable prefaces. We wish you the same happiness. The same discoveries. The same encounters, of books and authors. »
(Introduction by Thomas B. Reverdy and Martin Page)

What the press wrote about the book

« In short, there are 45 different courses to taste. Each one is an original encounter between one writer and another.. […] We will remember the freedom of the different expressions which interbreed. The authors, the centuries, the genres, the registers circulate, create a mobile and lively waltz. Reading them is like a walk, in the style of Montaigne’s marginalia “by jumps and leaps”, surely an accurate picture of the way the collection was conceived and above all lived: convivial, light and washed down with plenty of wine. This round of ideal delicacies bears something Dionysian: one sometimes cannot differentiate the prefaced from the prefacer. […] The Babel of the anthologies of prefaces. »
A.Rouher, Le magazine des livres.

« These shorts exercises of admiration make an original and attractive anthology. »
Claire Julliard, Le Nouvel Observateur.