Editions Magellan & Cie
, 2013

The myth of Babel with its Tower, as old as the world, deeply rooted into our Judaeo-Christian culture, rich of so many interpretations, reveries and fantasies and still so modern, has always inspired artists and writers. It could not be uninspiring to today’s travel writers. Six of them already took part to the first Almanac of the Travellers (published in October, 2012). Six newcomers have join in the bandwagon in order to revisit with grace a founding myth of humanity, more actual than ever.

Jean-Claude Perrier, book critic at Livres-Hebdo, himself a traveller and a writer, has gathered for this unique adventure twelve of the most interesting travel writers. Reading those pages, who could possibly believe that the French cannot travel and commit themselves ?
With, by order of appearance : Julien Blanc-Gras, Alexandre Poussin, Solenn Bardet, Antonin Potoski, Sébastien Ortiz, Olivier Bleys, Élodie Bernard, Charles Poitevin, Alexandre Kauffmann, Lodewijk Allaert, Virgile Charlot and Guillaume Jan.

For this collection, Sébastien Ortiz has composed a short story entitled : « The Last Days of Isaac Babel ».